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Olivia Twist on Comfort in Stillness

“I like to sit with things for a while and become familiar with all the ins and outs of a feeling”.

Olivia Twist is a London-based illustrator and ambassador for feeling all the feels. It’s this introspectiveness and calmness that helps to imbue her work with so much of its trademark emotion and personality. “I think about how we hold our bodies when we are experiencing certain feelings and which poses are the most common and I guess relatable.”

Moments of stillness are paramount for Olivia in order to really connect with herself. They create opportunities for reflection, and to get to know herself better. “You recharge and move with more intention.”

Finding these moments is easier said than done in a time of rampant over-stimulation; especially living in a city like London. But not impossible.

“I go on walks, no headphones. Just me and my thoughts. I like to walk kinda slow too and just really take in my surroundings. I go and walk in places where there’s a lot of nature so I can get away from the constant buzz and hubbub.”

Olivia finished her education at RCA in 2017, and says that at stages “I did have that kinda imposter syndrome, as everything was new for me but didn’t seem to be new for those who were around me”.

“So with that I guess I just had to take time out to remind myself who I am and why I do what I do. It didn't cause me to stop. I said to myself keep doing your best. It's all about feeling comfortable which ain't always easy. So you have to form your own home.”

These learnings and subsequent outlook inspired the Stillness print. “I’m encouraging us to feel all the feels because it makes us appreciate the ones that feel good even more. I’m encouraging people to see the beauty in solitude and you can make anywhere your space.”

And what does Olivia feel is the secret to enjoying your own company?

“Realising that it's an investment in yourself, its character building and accepting that you can't wait for people to do what you enjoy.”

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