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Creative Consultancy

Cursive offers a consultancy service to artists, and those looking to work with artists, utilising 26 years of combined experience in the creative industries.​

For artists

We work with the best and most exciting names in creativity to help them channel their exceptional talent, and connect with new and existing audiences through the goods that they release.




The different types of goods that you can offer, and how they interrelate


Depending on what you want to sell, recommendations of the best platforms, versus DIY


How to think about creating artwork for products


Tone of Voice

Finding your promotional personality, and the best platforms to support this


How best to incorporate storytelling into how you promote yourself


Creating and planning content

James Braithwaite on his consultation with Cursive


Cursive took the time to really understand and appreciate my previous work, and then they developed an incredibly thoughtful and thorough plan to help me achieve my goals. I have since started their plan and I am already seeing the benefits. 

Nick and Alexa are a clever, thoughtful, and focussed team. The process was a lot of fun, and the follow-up  meetings have been incredibly useful and entertaining. Sometimes you are too close to your own art and business to see the whole picture. Cursive gave my business the time, thought, and perspective it desperately needed to help me find the next level. I have already recommended them to many friends, and I’m sure they will see the same benefits I did. 

For Those Looking To Work With Artists

For those who are interested in working with creative talent, we can advise on how to do so in exciting and mutually beneficial ways, as well as recommending the best collaborators, and helping to produce or deliver the project.

Art Direction


Artist Research

Tapping into our global artist network to help you find a perfect artist for a project.


Art Delivery

Along with the artist research, working with you and them to help deliver the perfect artwork.


Brand Direction

Identifying and working alongside a designer or team to help deliver a brand identity aligned with your business.


Project Coordination

Creative Series

Inviting a group of artists to create work around a theme that is relevant to your brand, and working alongside them to help deliver the project.

Goods Collections

Working with your existing creative community to coordinate a collection of products.





Collating creative imagery and accompanying text and overseeing the design of the zine or book.



Finding and working alongside a gallery partner to produce an exhibition around the work of you or your creative community.

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